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Soil Contamination in Miami-Dade County Parks

Maira Campos, 25, a mother of school-aged children, had no idea her trip to the park would lead to a doctor’s visit. “I am going to take my kids immediately to go get tested,” said Campos, who is worried her children could be affected by the recent discovery of toxic chemicals at Miami-Dade parks. Since … Continue reading

What some neighborhoods are seeing- Closed Park Photos

Merrie Christmas Park- Closed off by a chain fence and a sign. Barrells at Merrie Christmas Park Douglas Park – Fenced in, chained and barricaded. Southside Park Beneath the grass at Southside Park

Concerned parent at Muss Park-Video

Soil Contamination in Miami-Dade County Parks- Infographic

Map of Contaminated Parks in Miami-Dade County